About: BossMCPolitical’s Blog

Hi my name Bosco Chou my blog was created during the July 2014 as I felt I had to express my opinion to the people around me and those who want a better view of politics. So I started out blogging at zakopinion.com, which was one owned by a friend. In May 2016, he announced he would be taking a break from blogging, so I decided to part my ways with zakopinion and grow this blog that I neglected for quite some time.

Now that I am back, my goal is to give you an alternative viewpoint from what the mainstream media reports as they report from a Liberal perspective. An increasing number of people have distrust in the mainstream media, so now they look to non-mainstream papers like the Sun Media papers found in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg. This blog will provide you Conservative commentary on Canadian politics, a bit of comedic relief in my talking-points, and some speculation on what goes on in Queen’s Park/Ontario Legislature!

Email: bossjamesinternational@gmail.com

Check out zakopinion: http://www.zakopinion.com


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