Scarborough—Rouge River, a Battle for the Ontario PCs


Today, Kathleen Wynne called a by-election for the riding of Scarborough—Rouge River. The seat was vacant for a few months already, riding associations nominated candidates and the opening of campaign offices began. Scarborough—Rouge River has long been a Liberal riding, despite a change of a Liberal candidate, the Liberals always held onto it. With less than a month remaining, let’s break down the candidates for this upcoming by-election.

The PC candidate Raymond Cho is currently a sitting alderman for Toronto City Council. He has a history of contesting this riding in particular, provincially and federally. He has run for the Federal NDP, an independent, federally and in the 2014 Ontario election, the PCs. He has had little success winning in both levels of government but has been competent winning municipal-wise in Ward 42, a riding similar to the provincial boundaries. With the Liberals destroying the province piece-by-piece, it is about time that the Liberals lose a Toronto seat.

The Liberal candidate, Piragal Thiru, a long-standing career bureaucrat who never found a real job in his lifetime in Canada. In my books, he counts as a career politician as he spent too much time in the public sector. Never run a business, like all Liberals, getting fat paycheques off the public dime, no real accomplishments in life other than receiving the Diamond Jubilee Medal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved with any McGuinty-Wynne scandals over the years. Knowing the inside track of politics, he pretty much has the upper hand with everything that goes on. With a growing bureaucracy in Ontario, it is likely he will have his hands on the Infrastructure file if elected.

Finally, the biggest career politician of all is the NDP candidate, Neethan Shan. This man has to be the biggest career politician of his age. A failed NDP candidate, contesting this riding every single inch of the way. The NDP is home to every single career politician in Queen’s Park. This man has been a complete fail in life and will never win this seat.
His career in politics started out in 2003, when he failed to win as a YRDSB trustee, but won in 2006. Less than a year after being elected, he ran for the NDP in the 2007 provincial election for the riding of Scarborough-Guildwood and failed. In 2010 and 2014 Toronto municipal elections, he ran in Ward 42, losing both times. In the 2011 provincial election, he ran unsuccessfully as the NDP candidate for Scarborough—Rouge River, losing to the now former MPP Bas Balkissoon. Recently, in January he was elected as a TDSB trustee, now wants a new job, so uncommitted to everything, sticking taxpayers with the bill in every failed election, and not finding a real job. The NDP never puts any effort in their nominations unless it is in the northern areas. This guy should get out of politics and find out what the real world out there is like.

As I said in my previous post on this by-election, the PCs have a chance to win in this riding. With the Liberals running career politicians compared to the PCs running a star candidate. This star candidate has a chance in this. If Torontonians in this riding realize that the Liberals have demolished this province and Raymond Cho is elected, it just proves that the PCs will be dominant in the next few by-elections and in the 2018 federal election. I encourage everyone out there who hate the Wynne Liberals to go out there and help out Raymond Cho, every little bit helps. With your help, we can send a message to Kathleen Wynne, no one wants you in power any longer.

This is BossMCPoltical, and it is time to send Wynne a clear message!


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