Alberta: Unite the Right

In Alberta, we knew it as the most Conservative province in Canada as many people would vote Conservative, federally, and PC or Wildrose provincially. What people outside Alberta don’t know is that the Wildrose is the Conservative alternative and more right-wing than the PCs, this caused a divide between Albertans. Some or many Albertans think about a united Conservative party of Alberta. Since 2012, Wildrose has been the Opposition party, now under the leadership of Brian Jean.

The Wildrose party has been a party like the former Reform Party/Canadian Alliance, more right-wing than the PC party (former federal party and provincial party). Now that the NDP are in power, Albertans have been more convinced to unite the right, like the PC and Alliance to form the Conservative Party of Canada, but in this case, the Conservative Party of Alberta. To elaborate a bit, the NDP have caused lots of damage to Alberta and uniting the two parties would make them stronger and be able to sweep Alberta in the next election.

I personally am in support of this movement because in the next election it would be a fight between the PCs and Wildrose for the control of Alberta. No one wants a minority government as it could weaken the party that is in power. There is too much vote splitting going on in Alberta and if the right was united, they would have swept the province. Jason Kenney is supporting the PCs on the unite the right movement and is leaving federal politics to help the right back home. I think that Kenney is better off with the Wildrose party as he was once a member of the federal Reform/Alliance as the PC party has shifted left and many PC MLAs who have come out against Kenney are on the Progressive side of the party.

A friend once told me, in the every party, you must have a bit of everyone and everything. In the Conservative party, you must have Blue Tories, Red Tories, Libertarians, the Christian Right, Fiscal Conservatives, Social Conservatives, Defense Conservatives, etc. With a right divide in Alberta, the right have to unite behind one cause. What it means to be a Conservative and putting the NDPs rule to only one term.

THis is BossMCPolitical, and Uniting the Right is the only option!


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