Possibility of Bas Balkissoon and the Sexual Harassment scandal

As many have heard lately, Kathleen Wynne broke silence on a sexual harassment scandal that involved two Liberal MPPs. She named former Liberal MPP, Kim Craitor, who left due to health and family reasons. Now revealed by Wynne, he was forced to resign by the party over the issue. Now there is one man who remains standing, unknown to the public, and who could it be?

As I pondered the issue for the past few days, I felt that former MPP Bas Balkissoon could be the second person involved. Why do I suspect him being a part of this? It is because he resigned all of a sudden and no one in his caucus was notified of it until the last second. Secondly, he did not notify his constituency office about it and a staffer was shocked as well. Thirdly, Kathleen Wynne did not specify why Balkissoon resigned, in the Legislature.

The Toronto Sun interviewed him over the phone, but he still did not talk about why he resigned and hung up on the journalist. This is fairly odd as he was unwilling to break silence on the matter and now we have an unexpected by-election to deal with. Bas broke silence a month later and said that he was leaving for family reasons to Metroland Media. This was the same excuse Kim Craitor made when resigning from his seat. Without notifying anyone on why he chose to resign causes people to believe in conspiracies and my thought of Balkissoon being involved with this scandal is likely.

Kathleen Wynne still refuses to name the second MPP involved in this scandal. We should for now assume it was Balkissoon for now until Kathleen Wynne breaks silence on the issue again. Time will tell us who was involved, I personally will not be overly hopeful about it. What we have to do is to put the pressure on Wynne to get her to break silence over the matter. We must make Kathleen Wynne break silence!

I’m BossMCPolitical, and tell Wynne to break silence on this issue!



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