‘Best’ Contenders for the NDP leadership


Last weekend, the Federal NDP had a convention in Edmonton, Alberta. Which was pretty dumb because why have it in one of the most Conservative cities in Canada? Maybe a better way to look at it is because provincially, Albertans accidentally voted in the NDP last spring. Ol’ Tommy probably wanted to do this for a photo op for Rachel Notley, the Socialist Premier.

The results were bad for Mulcair, as 52% of party delegates decided it was time for a new leader. Mulcair announced he would remain as the leader of the NDP until a leader was chosen at the next convention. I have to say, Mulcair had a good run in the election with the polls before he announced the support of the Niqab which plummeted him and his party in later polls. The media have thrown out some names on who should run for leadership for the NDP, but I have my list of career Socialist politicians who could possibly run for leadership.

Olivia Chow
She was the former MP for the past riding of Trinity-Spadina. She is the widow of the late NDP leader, Jack Layton. Jack lead the NDP to heights they never reached before, to the status of Official Opposition. She herself is also a career politician like other NDP MPs. I have to say, she was always trying to win Trinity-Spadina since ’97, unsuccessful at unseating the Liberal MP Tony Ianno. She finally won the seat in 2006 and re-elected since. When the Toronto City election came along, she decided to resign her seat and run as a Socialist mayor. The riding eventually was taken by the Liberal candidate, Adam Vaughan. She eventually lost the race and decided to contest the new riding, Spadina-Fort York and lost to Adam Vaughan.

Rachel Notley
Rachel Notley is currently the Socialist Premier of Alberta, who was accidentally elected last spring. Her caucus was made up of accidental MLAs as well. These MLAs are Socialists in their 20s who signed up mid-way through the election, just have a name on the ballot. She barely even knows these MLAs and they will never earn a 6-figure salary like this in their lifetime after 3 years. She has consistently attacked the oil patch and has unionized farms. Many of the chiefs of staff to her caucus are environmental extremists from Vancouver and Toronto, the two most Liberal cities in Canada. She herself is also a career politician, like her father.

Greg Selinger

Greg Selinger is the Manitoba Premier, who is a lame duck as Brian Pallister has secured a landslide victory ending nearly 17 years of NDP rule. He, unfortunately, was able to hold onto his seat on election night, which was quite concerning. He resigned as the leader of the NDP and will sit as a backbench MLA for the NDP. Greg was Gary Doer’s former Finance Minister who proposed balanced budgets, Selinger succeeded Doer as Premier and NDP leader when Doer accepted the appointment of the Canadian Ambassador to the United States. Selinger then showed Manitoba the true side of the NDP after the 2011 provincial election, where he raised taxes and he had to deal with his caucus revolting against him. These factors lead to his downfall and the landslide sweep by Brian Pallister and the PCs.

Here are my top three contenders for the next federal NDP leader, career Commies looking to end Capitalism, bring in the Leap Manifesto and destroy the modern way of life as we know it. These Socialists have a long way to go to take over Canada. As long as they retain their third party status, they will be back as opposition or government anytime soon.

This is BossMCPolitical, and who should the next Karl Marx be?


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