Why I returned to blogging

Today I wanted to take a break from reporting on politics and talk about why I decided to go back to blogging. Honestly, it felt like it has been more than a year since last made a post. I have to say, after not posting for a few months, I have not developed writer’s block again. Just like the chicken pox, get it once and you’ll never get it again. I have learnt that the external factors are what affect change and turn things around.

I have to say, the first reason why I came back is because of the Toronto Sun. I and other Tories across this country love the Postmedia Sun papers (Vancouver Sun is a broadsheet) because these papers give us a sense of mind and we can be able to relate to the columns and columnists. I have much respect for the Sun papers and I have been getting the papers a bit more often every week to help reduce the job cuts going on at Postmedia. I particularly like going to McDonald’s every so often because they usually have the Sun paper box outside due to convenience reasons and because I don’t have to pay tax on the paper.

The second reason is because I have been on other right-wing sites like therebel.media, Breitbart, etc. I personally like watching those 5-minute videos and occasionally read the columns. The videos personally have inspired me to record a podcast some day in the future or record a 5-minute video. I have long found a passion of mine that I have never really found before. Now I will continue to embrace and grow my passion for journalism, who knows, maybe you, the reader, will find a column written by me in the Toronto Sun one day!

I have to say that I have found my true passion in journalism and I will continue to follow it. I will upload a podcast in the coming months once everything begins to settle down a bit with my workload. I hope with your support, I will continue to be encouraged to grow my blog and maybe become a journalist one day!

I’m BossMCPolitical, and I am back!


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