Liberals and the double standard

Here is a little story that I just have to tell you about. The other day I was looking on Twitter and found that an Ontario PC Youth Association Club was being attacked for being “inactive”. It was the Pickering-Scarborough East Club that was being attacked for not being active for just a few weeks and the attack was made by the President of the Pickering-Uxbridge Federal Young Liberals.

Of course, Liberals are usually hypocrites, that isn’t even surprising as Liberals are always about the double standard. The Pickering-Uxbridge YL’s Twitter account is @PUFLAYL by the way if you want to take a shot at them or not. So anyways, from the time we checked, they haven’t posted since October 2015. So who is the real hypocrite? The Young Liberals of course, I believe it was the PSE PCYA president who tweeted out calling the PU YL Twitter account inactive. Hours later they posted on their Twitter with a gif and a dumb description. I see it is a way to call yourself “active”. For a few hours!

When will Progressive realize they are all about the double standard. Who knows, or better yet, who even cares. They will probably realize they have double standards when the media starts proving them wrong. Maybe even when they realize that John McCallum is a parachute candidate and a man with drinking problems!

I’m BossMCPolitical, and Progressives can’t define double standards


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