Joke Political Parties: Animal Alliance Environmental Voters Party

Back in 2015, Canada had a federal election and many parties ran candidates from coast to coast to coast. I doubt you wouldn’t have gone through a town without seeing Conservative, Liberal, NDP and Green signs. In some towns, you would find the Libertarian, Progressive Canadian, Communist, Marxist-Leninist, etc. signs. I would like to focus on a particular party called the Animal Alliance Environmental Voters Party or AAEV. Just like how I view the Green party, this party is made up of jokes who are probably Greenpeace protesters.

I found this party because I would drive in Richmond Hill (a town north of Toronto) on a road every day and find a lawn sign on standing next to a bunch of other big signs. Yes, I said lawn sign, the party didn’t even have the funds to buy road signs. The sign displayed: “Elect Kyle Bowles,” and a green leaf with a square in the middle of the leaf. I thought to myself, what a joke, another Green party just playing desperate. Candidates in this party just playing a role of a paper candidate, just have a name on the ballot.

Kyle Bowles was honestly a joke candidate, just like all Green Party candidates, they are probably former Greenpeace lobbyists who protest against pipelines. I watched the Rogers TV debate for the riding and Bowles was just someone to laugh at (link below). So when I saw the lineup of candidates, I saw a guy who was wearing a pink dress shirt, brown shorts, and double strapped sandals, what a damn joke that this party chose to run! Compare him to Costas Menegakis (Conservative), Leona Alleslev (Liberal) and Brenda Power (NDP), they all wore clothing as if they were going to a business meeting.
The moderator just made me laugh, even more, she pronounced ‘Bowles’ thinking it was pronounced, bowels. He was talking as if he were shadowing for the Green party (the Green candidate couldn’t attend). His face obviously made him look more like a fool, a horse probably kicked him in the face and he sounded insane and drunk at the same time.

Would you honestly want some fool like him to represent your voice in parliament? He looked and sounded like a guy who got hungover from Elizabeth May’s party in a pub in Ottawa with 337 other failed Green candidates. He seems like he is John McCallum’s son, McCallum himself has had issues with drunkenness in public and got kicked off an Air Canada flight because of that. I don’t think May would mind having someone throwing up and farting during Question Period, as long as there is a Greenpeep around, she will truly enjoy it. Like other paper candidates, they are complete jokes.

I’m BossMCPolitical, and never vote for paper candidates!


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