Brazil v.s Columbia

So we have been watching the World Cup at home that we would usually see some fouling, scoring and players getting injured. Well last week when Brazil was facing Columbia, Neymar Jr. was kneed at the back by Columbian player Juan Zuniga, and the Zuniga claims he was challenging Neymar. From what we  saw from the replay it looked like Zuniga kneed Neymar intentionally and was given a yellow card. Neymar was then put on a stretcher then transported to a nearby hospital. Outside the hospital Neymar was in, fans of Brazil were chanting, Be strong, Neymar! Let’s get back on track. … Continue reading Brazil v.s Columbia


So we all heard about lost flights that have crashed into the sea. The most recent one is MH370, which this has been the most complicated mystery of the year. It all started when the plane disabled its communications and diverted its path. For my opinion, I feel that the plane is most likely at the bottom of the Northern Indian Ocean, than south. I looked through some witness reports online, and these witnesses clearly saw the plane on fire and crash into the Northern Indian Ocean. The governments of this operation are clearly looking too far from the map. When they … Continue reading MH370